Has feminism gone too far? Part I

15 Jan

There is an important question in feminism that is not addressed enough by the mainstream media: Has feminism gone too far?

MSNBC, our favorite bastion for liberal-approved news, is up to the task.

F. Brinley Bruton takes on our question with an article about the Julian Assange case, because the arrest of Julian Assange is nothing if not a litmus test for how feminism plays out its objectives in our lives. Has feminism gone too far? he asks. Let’s strap in and see:


LONDON – Polemical filmmaker Michael Moore seems in no doubt that dark forces are behind the rape and sexual molestation accusations leveled against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in Sweden.

Ooh! The specter of conspiracy is always kind of exciting. That would definitely be going too far for feminism, wouldn’t it? Global conspiracy is likely in cahoots with feminism, according to Michael Moore. That would definitely mean feminism has gone too far. Is he going to say Michael Moore thinks feminism has gone too far? Next graf:


“Governments and corporations go after individuals … they go after people with this kind of lie and smear,” Moore told MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann. “This is all a bunch of hooey as far as I’m concerned.”


Look, It’s Michael Moore, angry, talking about the Evils In The World. Is feminism one of them? He doesn’t say. But wait, I thought Michael Moore made a few mistakes during this interview regarding the facts of the allegations against Assange. Well, that doesn’t really need mentioning. It’s not relevant to our title question. Maybe he’ll get to that next: 


But while many WikiLeaks supporters contend that powerful international interests are misusing Sweden’s sterling feminist credentials to stifle the man at the helm of the organization, the debate in the country has taken a dramatically different direction.


This is a good point, because it’s a well-known problem that unnamed international interests with power are in the habit of using feminism to keep people oppressed, maybe like when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan to save the ladies? Is that what he means?

Many in Sweden reject claims that Assange, who appeared in a London court Tuesday, is the victim of a U.S.-led conspiracy. Instead, the country has been gripped by a very public and often explicit discussion about intimate behavior and relationships. The case has even made some question whether feminism has been taken too far in this supposed bastion of gender equality.


Here’s our question! Except this time, it’s “some” people in Sweden asking it! Holy shit, if Sweden is worried that feminism might have gone too far, then it really probably has. But also, “some” Swedes reject that Assange is being pursued by the powerful international interests — wait, hold on, it’s the U.S. government this time — and they were the ones using feminism to oppress Julian Assange. So “some” Swedes think there is no U.S.-led conspiracy, which means feminism hasn’t gone too far. “Some” Swedes think feminism has gone too far, so they believe in the conspiracies of elite international powers, or the U.S. government, to destroy people. Are conspiracies real?


Feminism is a mainstream concept in Sweden and the country has among the toughest sex crime laws in the world. In fact, lawyers have been known to joke that a man must get written permission before having sex.


This is a good joke! Who are these mysterious, uncredited genius “lawyers?” I want one!


“It is often very clear what a rape is and what has happened, but even then we know it’s difficult for the parties to get a fair hearing in court,” [journalist Johanna] Koljonen added. “Then there are the situations in which acts have been performed which may or may not be illegal, depending on the parties’ negotiation of consent. This principle makes legal situations complicated, but it is of vital importance: we should not and cannot legislate acceptable sexual practice.”


I guess we aren’t talking about conspiracies anymore. Legal talk, blah blah. This woman is obviously subversive if she thinks the government doesn’t have a right to tell people how to behave in the bedroom. THEY DO.


Pelle Billing, a M.D. who lectures and writes on gender and men’s issues, worries that Sweden’s rape and domestic violence laws make it difficult for men to get a fair trial.

He cites a quote by the lawyer for Assange’s accusers, who went to the police for advice before deciding to file charges.

“Women who are assaulted don’t always define it as that,” said lawyer Claes Borgstrom, who is the Swedish Social Democratic Party’s spokesman on gender equality. “It’s a big problem in our society and it can be difficult to assess what has happened if you are not a lawyer.”

“So how is man supposed to know what the boundaries are if the women don’t know?” Billing asks. According to him, feminism in Sweden has stopped being about equal rights and has begun to infringe on men’s rights.


This quote from Billing is an important one, because it highlights how men can’t be expected to know things that women haven’t memorized about legal statutes. This infringes on men’s right to not have to ask their sex partners if they are having a good time or make sure that they are conscious before starting sex.


Even some Swedes who call themselves feminists concede that sexual violence and rape laws are sometimes applied unfairly.


“Some” Swedes are back with their opinions again. They’re conceding something this time, that feminism has a causal effect relating to injustice. More oppression. Who are these Swedish people who are feminists? They must enjoy oppressing. Let’s see a quote from one of them in the next graf to flesh out the picture:


“It is important in this Julian Assange case to understand the situation,” says Per Samuelson, a defense lawyer who focuses on defending men accused of rape. “Everyone (around the world) is shouting that Julian Assange is innocent (but) people in Sweden think otherwise because they tend to believe the women in over 90 percent of the cases.”

Oh, whoops. Well, this guy is Swedish at least! But he brings up another important point, which is that people should only believe women 50% of the time, for fairness.


Comments like these no doubt trouble Assange and his defense team. But they are in stark contrast to the views espoused by vocal WikiLeaks supporters such as prominent Canadian feminist Naomi Klein.

“Rape is being used in the Assange prosecution in the same way that women’s freedom was used to invade Afghanistan. Wake up!” she said of the case against him.

Back to the good stuff. We already said this! Bruton says it’s a “stark contrast” in views, but we all know it’s not really not much of a leap from feminism equals legal injustice to feminism equals cog in international conspiracy and world domination. We still knew all along the length of this weird, rambling article that our important takeaway is that feminism has grown into a tool for oppression across the globe. So we have our answer.




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