Has feminism gone too far? Part II: the victims

18 Jan

Previously I discussed this MSNBC blog article asking readers, “Has feminism gone too far?”

It seemed unfair to look only at the article and ignore how readers answered this question for themselves. What pulse emerges from the article’s 391 comments, I wondered.

As it turns out, most commenters found the title question too limiting or irrelevant. Instead, collectively, they asked: How am I being victimized?

A bleak and timeless narrative emerges. If you are not a feminist being victimized by men, then you are probably someone being victimized by a feminist.

Let’s hear their stories:

User “ewent,” by far the most prolific commenter with 36 posts, points out that women have long been victims of men:

“Has masculinism gone too far? Caligula? Jack The Ripper? Richard Speck? I get it. All these joy boys really want is that fine old masculinism that allows “Boys to Be Boys”…right? When women are raped, stoned, abandoned and left with kids, how has feminism gone too far?”

“Hard as this may be for men to swallow…no woman is going back to the days of our great grandmothers when she couldn’t own property, had no money in her pocket and stood by the kitchen stove stuffing the gut of some bossy, overbearing nutjob husband.”

User “Deep6” is less worried about the kind of historical universal victimization of women “ewent” is angry about and is more focused on the future universal victimization of men. He gave some “real logical thought” to the “radical discourse of women’s rights” and came to this conclusion:

“The world’s sperm banks are large enough to allow the human race to reproduce for generations for millions of years. IVF is sophisticated enough to allow this to happen. No new male babies should be created. The men who are alive today should either be killed holocaust style or put to work in labor camps/underground. Their genitals should be mutilated (that’s equal justice afterall) and they should be beaten and starved until they die a horrible death.”

But for most of our commenters, many simply feel victimized by feminism in every day life.

User “JD-1203795” writes that “modern feminism” has destroyed cooperation in society (Socialism) by making sure that women try to get men’s jobs:

“With the beginning of this ‘Women’s movement for independence’, began most of modern feminism. In their rebellion against the establishment, women began to realize the potential for positions of power and removing the male counterpart to a lesser position where women of the past had been…. What does that have to do with ‘Has Feminism gone too far?’ Well, simply put, we as a society have strayed from what makes a great society great. Working together.”

User “minority non-felon male” sees that feminism not only has ruined society, but it strives to put men in jail and collapse the economy:

“Almost half of all men our convicted felons in this country thanks to out of control feminism. That is a big part of why our economy is plunging and while we put in prison far more people than China and Russia put together. Just stating FACTS.”

User “Steve S-828431” is upset — like many of the other commenters — that women ruin men’s lives by being believed more often in court than men:

“I once spoke with an ex-judge in the state of Nevada. According to this judge, attorneys take women’s cases for free because, ‘They win!’ That was it, that is what he said. So I looked into it, and found he was right. Attorneys in Nevada are indeed taking cases for women at no charge, while the men have to pay up front.”

User “Daniel-2901587” feels victimized by feminism in the workplace:

“A woman with children in a professional setting, at least in every company I’ve ever worked at, can get away with not showing up for work/being late on a near constant basis, simply by saying she had to do something with her kids. Also, when the single men are forced to work crazy overtime to pull out a project – the women with children beg out saying they have to take care of them.”

User “ewent” pops up again to respond to “Daniel” that in reality, it’s the women in the workplace who are being victimized by Men never caring:

“Men just don’t have the same sense of obligation to parenting that women do. It’s the reason single Moms all end up feeling guilty about having to work outside the home and leaving their kids. Single Dads express no similar feelings.”

The word “rape” also turns up 83 times in the comments section and makes a lot of people feel like victims as well.

User “differnet” can’t understand why men don’t listen to simple commands:

“When a woman agrees to sex WITH a condom and then you have sex with her and hold her down, while you are without a condom, then you have committed rape. What part of the word no, don’t you understand?”

User “C. Smith” can’t understand why women won’t just use simple commands:

“If she doesn’t want to, he should be able to talk to her to convince her to, unless she tells him to get out, at which point he has the legal right to get dressed and leave, and that’s it. If she doesn’t tell him to get out, she is accepting a continued conversation on the matter (though she can also issue conditions like, ‘shut up or get out’).”

User “micrometer” resents that men are getting blamed for doing their jobs at sex:

“Yes, men do leer at women, and make sexual advances, at work and at other places too. That’s how men and women get together–or would you rather go back to arranged marriages? You seem to overlook that male sexual forwardness is natures way in most species. (That’s MOTHER nature, by the way)”

But standing far above all these victimized people is user “Jami 5,” the biggest victim of feminism of them all. Feminists make her go out and work, feminists let her rapist first husband go free through after rapes led to her three youngest children, and feminists deny her second husband the right to get a job that pays more than hers.

“not 1 person one here gave me the right to choose to be their mother instead of being out in the work force maybe the last three came about in a negative way but they certainly didn’t cause it, the equal rights you approve of so much cause me to livein fear my attacker is free a feminist taught him all the loop holes….You have no right to attack me, for my rights it is my right as an individual to want better for me and my children. I am very ill, and I have to work, I need to be home with them, so give my huysband equal rights so he can care for me. Because in our world I get the better paying jobs not him.”

In conclusion, our commenters are not interested in whether feminism has gone too far. Far more importantly, feminism is a way of figuring out if you are a victim. And you probably are.


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