Thailand gets a huge medal for transsexiness

28 Jan

P.C. Air – a new airline in Thailand – has hired three transsexuals among its first batch of air hostesses, Sin Chew Daily reported.

One of the women who won a spot with the airline was a “Miss Tiffany Universe 2007” winner.

From a Filipino newspaper:

P C Air hired three transsexuals, 17 women and 10 men in its initial recruitment drive on Monday.

”Our initial quota was set at three transsexuals, but we will consider taking more in the future depending on their qualifications,” a P C Air spokeswoman said.

Ponder this: I at least live on the same planet where there are people who get around to hiring quotas for transsexuals. According to my 10-second Google Search, Wikipedia asserts that Thailand is more tolerant of MTF transsexuals for unspecified cultural reasons. I guess they aren’t as tolerant of FTM transsexuals, which does not earn a medal, but we can start somewhere. MCDONALD’S YOU ARE NEXT.






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