North Dakota finally gets around to gender-equal interference in its citizens personal lives

2 Feb

At last! A little gender-equal interference into your personal life that a bored North Dakota Republican legislator is trying to dump on heterosexual married people.

From the AP:

Estranged North Dakota couples who want to divorce would be required to wait a year and have 10 hour-long counseling sessions before the split becomes final under a bill that ran into opposition Tuesday in a state Senate committee.

This comically bizarre proposal is probably worth it just for the marriage-is-like-a-car-accident analogy state Sen. Oley Larsen made in its defense:

“We have laws that tell us to buckle our seat belts to save our bodies from harm in a crash, and this bill is installing a seat belt on our marriages,” Larsen told members of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, which didn’t vote on the bill Tuesday.

I’m going to go ahead and say I’m for this bill, just because North Dakotans are stupid enough to continue electing people who propose these dumb laws while our country is in an economic crisis, and they waste taxpayer money every couple of years passing abortion ban laws that are later struck down in court. People get the government they deserve, etc etc.




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