It’s Thursday, let’s see what Phyllis Schlafly is up to

3 Feb

Every once in a while it’s fun to check in with Phyllis Schlafly, America’s Last Crusader against the Violence Against Women Act.

Every year, right before the Super Bowl, she likes to remind us that VAWA is just a cover for sending wads of cash into the hands of radical feminists, who secretly plot to break up families and put more people on welfare rolls, moving us another step toward the feminist utopia of total social breakdown.

Taxpayers’ funds are used to lobby for feminist legislation, to train law enforcement and judicial personnel in feminist ideology and in the aggressive enforcement of feminist laws, and to break up families instead of giving them pro-family and anti-substance-abuse counseling.

The VAWA appropriation is only the start of its high cost to taxpayers and society. When marriages are broken by false allegations of domestic violence, U.S. taxpayers fork up an estimated $20 billion a year to support the resulting single-parent, welfare-dependent families.

Here is an important point! People who lie – LIE – about their spouses beating the shit out of them are being allowed to get divorced!

The somewhat-important corollary question of, who the fuck would ever want to stay married to someone who lied about that, is perhaps a mystery that Phyllis would like us to solve on our own while we pray for the souls of feminists.






3 Responses to “It’s Thursday, let’s see what Phyllis Schlafly is up to”


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