hands Mark Regnerus a bitch slap

3 Feb commissioned a study of single people over age 21 done by a team of professors from Rutgers and Binghamton University. The study looked at over 5,000 men and women and found, among other things:

Data show men are quicker to fall in love and more likely than women to want children: 54% of men say they have experienced love at first sight, compared with 44% of women; among singles without children under 18, more men (24%) than women (15%) say they want children.

And, across every age group, women want more independence than men in their relationships: 77% of women say having their personal space is “very important,” vs. 58% for men; 78% of women say the same about having their own interests and hobbies (vs. 64% for men). And 35% of women (vs. 23% of men) say regular nights out with the guys/girls are important.

What a cool study, it turns out that the gender binaries we assign to dating behavior aren’t as cemented-in as we thou–


Just a couple weeks ago sociologist Mark Regnerus of UT Austin put out a book about premarital sex that he needed some publicity for and  warned the young ladies that they’re giving it up too easily trying to get some booty out of a few smelly, “sub-optimal” men just because they want a relationship so, so bad that they’ll sleep with anything, and that “anything” isn’t going to give them a relationship anyway.

The Time article about the study consulted Mark for his thoughts, since the findings pretty much said the opposite of what his newly-released book said. Meh, says Mark, I don’t believe the study that totally contradicted my findings.

“Maybe this is a brave new world, but I’d be surprised if things had changed that fast,” says Regnerus, a co-author of Premarital Sex in America, which explores how young people’s attitudes toward sex affect their inclination to marry. But he concurs that women’s enthusiasm for marriage has faded in the light of their growing economic independence. “For them more than men, marriage has to be good or it’s not worth trading their newfound independence for.”

I’m not sure why that’s true for “[women] more than men,” but I guess he’s implying that men don’t give up independence to marry whereas women do. Marry fast, ladies, before you realize what you’ve done!

Oh yeah, Mark likes that theory. Here’s Mark in a 2009 WaPo op-ed yelling at young people to get married in their early 20s because women’s “market value” goes down as they age, and here’s Mark lamenting the fact that extramarital births are on the rise since marriage is “the one institution — other than the military — that can pull [men] out of their extended adolescence.”

Bottom line: studies showing men are sensitive and women like independence are just wrong, because in the real world of Mark Regnerus, women get old and used up and men are eternal sex-crazed children, so get married.


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