CBS is here to warn you the feminists will not be happy

4 Feb

Here we go again, are feminists screwing everything up for people all the time?

Do feminists have it wrong on childcare? CBS investigates.

Feminists might not like it (well lots of women might not like it), but a new study lends support for the old-fashioned notion that mothers should be chiefly responsible for taking care of their children. It showed that marital conflict is more likely when couples share child-care duties than when mom is the primary care-giver.

Feminists, when they began creating the world as they imagined it might be, chiefly wanted to make sure that everyone had to do exactly the same things all the time. By law. People who spent even one minute of their day doing something different from a person of a different gender would be thrown in prison and have lady armpit hair dangled in their faces until they screamed.

The study as it turns out just suggests that, newsflash, moms and dads may not always know how to navigate their particular parental roles and may sometimes have some discomfort when sharing jobs.

The bottom line? Couples have to decide for themselves which way works best when it comes to taking care of the kids. In other words, even-steven might not be best, even if it makes feminists’ blood boil.

Feminists really, really hate it when people try to make decisions for themselves. This is in direct conflict with the Mandatory Sameness Personality-Erasing Doctrine that feminists recite to themselves every night before bed. Robots are so much sexier, just ask Svedka Vodka.


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