Walk for Choice February 26, 2011

8 Feb

Approximately 40% of everything in my Google Reader is about anti-choice marches across the country.

So, in the spirit of righteous indignation, PLZ stick it to those anal sex boob gnomes (come ooooon pageviewz!) and join the Walk for Choice on February 26, happening in a city near you (or not, then start your own):


I realize that anti-choicers serially have more free time than the actual employed people who are your typical pro-choice crowd, but it’s a Saturday and you can just walk that hangover right off. Bonus points if you throw up on an anti-choice goblin who comes to harass the demonstrators.

And, you know, tell all the other people, go “like” the Facebook page, etc., invite your conservative relatives, drag your partner with and you’ll bond and everyone will get laid, happy happy.


ADDITIONAL NOTE: Bring a video camera, or better yet a news crew, to film anti-choice people who show up and try to terrorize demonstrators. Seriously, though, document that stuff. The more insane they act, the more exciting that footage will look to an evening news editor.


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