The Baby Rapist ad

9 Feb

Hero domestic violence shelter chief Josh Jasper of Dubuque, Iowa solved a simple math problem which goes like this: adults who are violent and rape their partners were also once children.

Then he made a commercial starring a baby crawling around on screen. KGAN CBS2 reports:

“He’s tough, he’s strong, he’s aggressive.”  It starts off subtle but then….”He raped his girlfriend.”

“You are not born to be a rapist,  or born to beat up your kids, you learn it,” says Josh Jasper of the Riverview Center.

The ad depicts a baby as a future rapist, asking the question “ what are you teaching your children?”

Oh my god why would you say this cute baby is a rapist? Here this baby had probably just been saved from an abortion with a Dirt Devil! Not a rapist, babies don’t make rape, rape makes babies, cried viewers, still kind of confused. But who almost killed the baby? THE WOMEN.

His email inbox is full of hate mail, comments degrading women, some even saying women deserve to be raped.

Okay, it’s women’s fault. It’s all figured out again.


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