How to boost your ego before Valentine’s Day: sexy photos

13 Feb

Here we go, ladies. Chicago Now has an idea for you about how to surprise your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day: give him some sexy pictures of yourself.

Here is a fun and flirty way to surprise your man for Valentine’s Day! A recent trend is women having fun and feeling sexy in front of the camera.

This is a recent trend?

Is it that annoying recent trend where women post suggestive photos of themselves on Facebook without realizing it makes them look desperate and attention-seeking, is that the one we’re talking about?

No, actually. I just wanted to take the opportunity to bitch about that. Chicago Now’s blogger recommends hiring a professional to make you feel better about yourself. True!

Here’s a better idea: if you want sexy photos, let the boyfriend/girlfriend take them personally. That way every time your significant other looks at them, s/he won’t be reminded of how you dropped trou in front of some steamy photographer asking you to “try a different position” while s/he was at work.


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