South Dakota GOP tired of hating on terrorism, decides to promote it

15 Feb

Here’s the thing about South Dakota’s latest insane anti-choice bill: we need to just start referring to these people as terrorists, because this is what they are.

I know everyone gets all weird on the left and complains that term gets thrown around a lot, and it has, thank you Karl Rove, but let’s for once use it completely 100% correctly: these social viruses masquerading as sentient human beings would like to terrify women into keeping their unwanted fetuses by allowing someone related to them to kill anyone who offers to provide them a legal abortion.

Hm. This sort of reminds me of something in the back of my mind…. what is it… OH RIGHT. HONOR KILLINGS. This is the same insane breed of person who believes you can justifiably kill someone when she does something that fucks with your fucked worldview, like get a divorce or have sex with someone she isn’t married to… which, since these shitwads want to defund Planned Parenthood, no one will be able to afford birth control anymore and sex might result in an unplanned pregnancy and then DEATH TO THAT WOMAN if she doesn’t want to lose her job because maternity leave isn’t included with her underpaid part time job, nor is health care so she can’t go $7,737 into debt if the pregnancy is healthy or more if it’s not, but I guess she could always seek Medicaid, but then if she gets a decent job she may no longer qualify, and how to pay for daycare? No, she doesn’t deserve daycare subsidies, GET A JOB, but take your baby with to the gas station where you work, because Wal-Mart break rooms aren’t going to let you just leave the baby there. And the cycle begins anew.

So please, everyone, take a stand against terrorists and honor killings in our country and remind sane people every day, over and over, that this is what our state legislatures are doing, promoting terrorism, instead of jobs for the truly struggling actual already here people who want something better for their lives.


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