How Lara Logan should have seen it coming: a collection of illiterate comments

16 Feb

By now you will probably have heard that CBS News reporter Lara Logan was brutally raped while reporting on Mubarak’s resignation in Tahrir Square.

Sane, decent people across America are wishing Logan a speedy recovery and hope to see her back in the field soon.

Here’s what you’re going to hear over and over  about this attack: “It was a dangerous place for a female reporter to be, Logan/ CBS shouldn’t have sent her there to report, didn’t everyone notice how it was all just a huge sausage fest and there were no women?” WRONG.

Here’s what Bloomberg reports (and what we heard repeatedly in other news accounts):

In Tahrir Square, women said they weren’t hassled or bullied during the protests.

“Women were spending the night out there, they were cleaning the streets alongside men, they were hurling stones with the men,” said El-Erian, who was in the plaza for three days. Sally Moore, a 32-year-old who is a member of the Youths’ Coalition of the Egyptian Revolt of Anger, an alliance of protest groups, said women rejected the offers of men to shield them during clashes with pro-regime forces.

There were women present in the protests, which people who are literate and read the news already know. The problem wasn’t being a women per se. It was being a foreigner.

But guess what: Logan knew how dangerous it was to be a reporter there. She was arrested and accused of being an Israeli spy in the days before the attack. She also had a security detail with her when she was in Tahrir. It was a dangerous place for all reporters, not just women reporters, and she and every other reporter there knew that.

What then happened  was a story any woman who has ever been on a crowded bus, in a parade, at a big outdoor concert, at a protest, outside a huge sporting event could understand: a mob forms, and shit gets out of control. This happens to women all over the world, in all kinds of settings.

For example: I was excessively groped during a spontaneously-formed street gathering during a religious festival in western India, even though I was traveling with a male friend. Like Logan, we were separated when the mob of young teenage males formed from what seemed out of thin air. The young men laughed themselves silly as they grabbed at me while I yelled every profanity I knew at them and pushed back. It took two other, more civilized young Indian men a few minutes to drag me out of that to sideline. And it wasn’t even a big gathering.

Or, for another example closer to home, remember in 2000 at the Puerto Rican Day parade in New York, when scores of women were sexually attacked by marauding assholes in Central Park?

Basically the lesson would be this: women should avoid going out anywhere that men might be in large numbers. Why don’t women know this? I mean, Iran got the picture and banned women from watching soccer matches in theaters because it might “incite inappropriate behavior.”

Women ought to know they might incite rape if they go out into large public gatherings.

This commenter on the AP article on Logan’s assault sure knows how rape-y men are, and can’t figure out why Logan didn’t:

This illiterate goon has a psychology degree in Middle Eastern Men’s Thoughts. “ME men” (subtle, right?) feel that women who don’t know their place and are too pushy should see bad things coming.

This incoherent person who can’t tell the difference between “then” and “than” suggests that Logan volunteered to be a victim because she likes to be on the teevee too much.

To “Zax,” it is common sense that women with large breasts should not be allowed to participate in “that kind situation,” (sic) which must mean a public place with men present. P.S. you special-ed dropout, CBS News is a network, not an agency.

And lastly we have this pile of shit hurricane, who pretty much sums it all up:

In short, Lara Logan, even though you had already been arrested during the protests, even though you brought a security detail with you to Tahrir Square, even though you are a veteran journalist, you had no idea what you were getting yourself into, you are a moron with boobs, and you should have known better than to try to do your job.


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