Justin Bieber doesn’t believe in Korean abortion parties

16 Feb


Lady rights web site Feministing tells us that “OMFG Justin Bieber is anti-choice!”

The person after the Pope with the most moral authority over our society has weighed in on abortion in Rolling Stone:

“I really don’t believe in abortion,” Bieber says. “It’s like killing a baby?” How about in cases of rape? “Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.”

Death to Justin Bieber, obviously. Millions of young tween girls will be forced to carry their unplanned pregnancies to term so that they can face Justin Bieber with a clean conscience knowing they didn’t violate his bizarre interrogatory dictum.

But first, let’s just point out that no one “believes in” abortion — people should have the option to legally and safely attain one, but it is not a higher force that people subscribe to as an ordering concept for the universe, contrary to what anti-choice people think about feminists. So Bieber is a little confused and hasn’t thought through this or the consequences of rape at any length. It’s one of those gotcha questions!

He hasn’t thought about much at all it turns out.

He isn’t sure what political party he’d support if he was old enough to vote. “I’m not sure about the parties,” Bieber says. “But whatever they have in Korea, that’s bad.”

So it’s unclear if Justin Bieber realizes he is in America, or that there are two Koreas, or knows what party he is going to tonight.

Thus please, people, take a little pity on this hairless-from-the-neck-down nimrod who has been groomed to be the least offensive and most non-threatening whitebread creature on the planet. He is somehow less edgy than Hanson, so let’s try not to take his opinions too seriously. At least he can have a laugh about the fact that he looks like a lesbian.


[Rolling Stone]


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