Turkey vying for world record increase in violence against women

21 Feb

Meanwhile, this isn’t funny in the least but I spent a bit of time in Istanbul, so I want to post this. Hurriyet Daily News reports:

The number of women murdered in a year in Turkey shot up 1,400 percent between 2002 and 2009, according to data recently revealed by the country’s justice minister.

Holy fucking shit.

For Professor Aysel Çelikel, head of the Support for Contemporary Living Association, or ÇYDD, the high increase in the number of murdered women stems from gender inequality and Turkey’s increasingly conservative society.

“Women’s rights are going backward as much as conservatism is increasing in society,” Çelikel told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review on Sunday.

Turkey has done well at being a secular society until recently, mostly because the secular military has resisted efforts by the government to bring Islamism into public life (while also not being very transparent and somewhat resistant to democratic reforms). Turks I met refer to current PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the “George W. of Turkey” and are suspicious he wants to turn Turkey into an Islamic state. 

So let that just sink in. 1400%. If this were a decent and sane world, we’d lock up social conservatives for failing to believe women are human (yes, lock them up, because there’s nothing else useful we can do with them). It’s hard to believe we still let people come to the table when one of their basic premises is that half the people at the table are not equal to the other half.

RELATED UPDATE: Feminist groups protested in Ankara to decry the head of the theology department at Selçuk University, who had this to say:

[Prof. Orhan] Çeker stirred up the national media and the academic landscape last week when he said that the clothes, low-cut dresses in particular, of raped and sexually assaulted women provoked their attackers.

Çeker also suggested establishing a commission to decide what women should be wearing.

Math problem: know who else thinks women shouldn’t be wearing certain kinds of provocative “ankle-showing” clothes? Catholic priests. And what do Catholic priests do? They rape little children. Someone should check to see if this guy rapes children too. Known fact: people who are too worried about what other people are doing with their bodies are usually hiding some disturbing shit.


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