Don’t forget your tampon lunchbox, dear

22 Feb

Would you as a tween girl ever have had the good sense to carry around your sanitary pads in a cardboard lunchbox? Imagine how excited you would have been when one of your parents gifted you with this “My First Cycle” kit for your 12th birthday, or better yet when you’d actually just gotten your period for the first time and it felt like the entire world was paying attention to the fact.

“My First Cycle” (“for girls?” is there one for boys?) even makes it sound like it could be kind of fun, like you know, maybe it’s a bike ride! Or is there a pony?

No, it’s just your period, have fun cramping and bleeding from the vagina for the next 40 years. Does the kit include chocolate and a face mask for your boyfriend when you try to punch him for insinuating yet again that you’re just pissed because you’re PMSing?




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