Hip new anti-choice ad concept: target celebrity neighborhoods

23 Feb

HEY NYC readers, did you see this new addition to your morning landscape today in SoHo?


So here you go, Naomi Watts, you can enjoy thinking about dead fetuses while you are out walking with your sons, or perhaps SJP will enjoy the view of this sad ghost child from the new SoHo loft she is considering purchasing. Is this a new trend? Will anti-choice goblins now simply target celebrity neighborhoods? When will they start picketing Balthazar? CELEBRITIES ARE TO BLAME FOR ABORTION. Why hadn’t we thought of this before?

The ad is a response to the NYC health statistics reported in  January showing that 39% of the city’s pregnancies end in abortion, with black women accounting for 46% of the more than 87,000 abortions in 2009. (So, typically, a group of guys who have never had sex got together and freaked out and decided condoms in school, not lack of accurate and comprehensive sex education, were to blame.)




2 Responses to “Hip new anti-choice ad concept: target celebrity neighborhoods”


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