Why aren’t there more jobs if we are firing all these new mothers?

24 Feb

From the AP:

The [Human Rights Watch] report, “Failing its Families,” says at least 178 countries have national laws guaranteeing paid leave for new mothers, while the handful of exceptions include the U.S., Swaziland and Papua New Guinea.

Oh right, I read about this in my high school history course. It’s called “American exceptionalism.”

Well, in part this is because Americans like to generally leave these kinds of policies to the states, hence there is no federal law on this topic. Should there be?

Eh. I vote we let smart states implement policies that actually allow people to breed while still remaining gainfully employed and watch everyone move there so they don’t have to go on welfare just to keep the baby from teething on the cardboard sign asking for “Help please, Jiffy Lube fired me when I missed work to give birth.” Sooner or later it behooves a state not to think of “pro-family” parental leave policies as “anti-business” ones, since, you know, math.

And of course, freelancers and part-timers are still fucked no matter what.


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