CA district attorney feels a woman’s life worth about $1000

25 Feb

Wow, I guess that whole thing about paying for maternity leave rubbed some California employers so much the wrong way they just went ahead and decided on a “death for pregnant women” policy.

In 2008, a pregnant 17-year-old farm worker collapsed on the job from heat exhaustion after working for nine hours without water or a break.

From the report by

Even then, her employer, Merced Farm Labor, showed more concern for covering themselves than for her safety: the workers who took her to a local clinic were told to claim that Maria had passed out while exercising. Though clinic staff rushed her to the hospital upon seeing the dangerous state she was in, it was too late: she died of a 108 degree fever.

And now of course, this:

The adequate punishment for those who caused her death? $1000 and some community service, apparently.

That’s the sentence San Joaquin County District Attorney James P. Willett is considering in a plea deal for Merced owner Maria De Los Angeles Colunga, who was charged with involuntary manslaughter. Safety coordinator Elias Armenta, also charged, faces 400 hours community service and a $1000 fine.

Take note, employers: a thousand bucks and a stint with the local highway cleanup crews still works out cheaper than paying maternity leave if you just straight up kill your pregnant employees. Cost-benefit, America.



Here is the link to the UFW petition to DA James Willett. Sentencing is set for March 9th.


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