Catholic Church welcomes back woman repentant of her lame “equal rights” stance

28 Feb

I know picking on the Catholic Church is going after the low-hanging fruit, but this is just fun.

What’s the good news today? San Diego nurse Norma Jean Coon up and repented after joining the “Roman Catholic Womenpriests,” a group that, as its name suggests, conducts ordinations of Catholic women priests. The Church considers the group heretical.

Article writer Deacon Keith Fournier wants to remind us why this nice old lady was so wrong to begin with:

The arguments against this teaching [that only men can be ordained] sometimes come from people who do not understand that the priesthood is not a job and have succumbed to the “rights” mentality of the current age.

I’m glad someone out there still has the courage to take a principled stand against “rights” for people.





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