Ohio Christian boy band wants a commercial and some money

1 Mar

It’s time for show and tell in the Ohio State Legislature!

An Ohio anti-choice group that stole its name from a Christian boy band has the following foolproof plan:

Plans by Faith2Action call for bringing a pregnant woman before the House Health Committee and projecting an ultrasound image of her uterus onto a screen. The image will show the nine-week-old fetus’ heartbeat in color.

Who is this woman that lets these weirdo nutjobs get their hands all over her uterus? Ew.

I sort of picture them shackling some poor girl who wanders into one of their crisis pregnancy centers and then holding her down on the dais while they strip her mid-section and broadcast the contents of her lady parts before a group of pro-life legislators who applaud her uterus.

But hey, Life2Action will have made a nice little commercial for itself, maybe get some more donations. Someone has to feed all those people working in the anti-abortion industry, come on.


2 Responses to “Ohio Christian boy band wants a commercial and some money”


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    […] No points for difficulty here, though. Neighboring Ohio wheeled in a freaking fetus to testify. Creativity, hmmm? Indiana, if you weren’t governed by groups of marauding hillbillies, you […]

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