A gallery of screen grabs from the “Faith2Action” Youtube channel

2 Mar

By now you’ve heard of the “fetus witness” being called to “testify” before the Ohio state legislature’s health committee.

But did you know how hard Faith2Action works to entertain people, on the internet, with a full menu of songs, spoken-word poems, cheap visual stunts, conspiracy mass death theories and pro-life romantic comedy films?

Here is an angry war baby from the Faith2Action music video for the bill.

What would he sing if he could speak?

“A heartless worry we must scurry, call the troops out in a hurry. This is what we’re waiting for. This is it boys, win the war.”


The committee of babies weighs in:

“Some say we should pass only laws that judges will like. They’re afraid the Supreme Court will say no.”

Only Faith2Action has the guts to pass laws judges hate!


Their attempt to suffocate a room of legislators with mylar balloons didn’t work.


“Faith2Action” also has another important goal, which is to warn people that the government is trying to kill them and put them internment camps using Swine Flu vaccines.

Group president and founder Janet Porter did some “cursory research on Drudge Report” and listened to a “report from Fox News” and then found she could fill in the rest herself: the army is hiring “Internment/ Resettlement Specialists” in order to take away forcibly-infected swine flu victims in the night and stuff their bodies into tupperware coffins.


Since the government hasn’t killed Janet Porter yet, she wrote a screenplay for a “pro-life romantic comedy” about an “ordinary woman” who falls in love with the son of a pro-choice legislator. She stars in it!


Since she hasn’t yet gotten funding for her movie, she takes us on a video tour of the scenes where the movie could unfold.

She even does the voices.

“Let Representative Troy speak, let Representative Troy!” whoever that is.


Oh yeah, and Porter is a birther.

Enjoy the show, Ohio state legislature!


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