Men done losing out to women, back to destroying earth

7 Mar

Well so today we find out it isn’t the “Manpocalypse” or the “Mancession” that is threatening society, but instead just plain old “apocalypse caused by men.”

Lately some social scientists and journalists have been paying attention to the fact that the unnaturally-skewed sex ratio in countries like China where male children are seen as more valuable may eventually lead to, you know, problems.

Harvard professor Niall Ferguson writes:

According to the German scholar Gunnar Heinsohn, European imperial expansion after 1500 was the result of a male “youth bulge.” Japan’s imperial expansion after 1914 was the result of a similar youth bulge, Heinsohn argues. During the Cold War, it was youth-bulge countries—Algeria, El Salvador, and Lebanon—that saw the worst civil wars and revolutions. Heinsohn has also linked the recent rise of Islamist extremism in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan to an Islamic youth bulge. Political scientists Valerie Hudson and Andrea den Boer warn that China and India could be the next countries to overdose on testosterone.

Basically, America, don’t stop work on that secret army of nut-kicking robots for when all of China’s bored perma-bachelors come to invade.

Or, another idea, China will start letting women take more than one husband, just to prevent the formation of a massive couch army of Chinese Seth Rogens who will come over and ask to borrow your video game console, and your teevee, and your couch, and never leave again, god.






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