Sex offender preacher annoyed people keep finding out he’s a sex offender

7 Mar

One of America’s few heterosexual preacher child molesters is mad the state won’t remove his name from the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry:

[Judge Jesse] Caldwell asked [convicted sex offender Thomas Lee] Cavender questions about his past and why it was important for him to be removed from the Sex Offender Registry.

Cavender said that he is a preacher and the label is hindering his ability as a pastor.

“It hurts my ministry when you’re in the pulpit and someone goes to the computer and there you are,” he said.

I mean, guy isn’t asking anything unreasonable, come on. AP has a piece today about how all these abuser Catholic priests are wandering around the country unmonitored and unregistered and molesting children in peace. Why can’t Cavender just get to be like those guys, he wants to know. A little fairness?


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