On this, International Women’s Day, NRO would like us to think about the men

8 Mar

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day, remember? You know, the one day of the year we all sort of pretend to give a flying rat’s testicles about women’s issues like access to education, maternal mortality, sex trafficking, domestic abuse, the undervaluing of girl children, things like that, things that are serious and pressing but not sexy or Charlie Sheen and so not really worth reading about on any other day when we aren’t being guilted into it.

But hey, is there one important issue we left out? Hm…. Let me think…. Yes! Of course. THE MEN.

Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review, would like to call attention to the problem of the men with his column published today, March 8th.

The 1990s were a decade of girl-panic. Feminists such as Carol Gilligan and Mary Pipher worried about our “girl-destroying” culture. The president of the Ms. Foundation urged women not “to leave their daughters adrift in a hostile world.”

These jeremiads were as well-timed as Yale scholar Paul Kennedy’s warning in the 1980s of America’s imminent decline on the cusp of its triumph in the Cold War. The purported young victims of the patriarchy had embarked on an impressive march through the educational system and the workforce. Gilligan and Co. were right to warn about gender disparities — they just focused on the wrong sex.

Hear that, everyone? This whole entire day you’ve been worrying about women and their problems. But you would be wrong, the real problems we should focus on today are men’s problems.

This column is actually just an advertisement for the moronic Hymowitz book coming out soon that just came out that spews its talking points like a bloated parrot. But he has one other fun thing to say.

The arrival of Playboy in the 1950s represented, Hymowitz writes, “an all-out rebellion against mid-century family life and middle-class requirements of marital duty.” Freed of such constraints, guys can now bask in a vast cultural archipelago of crudity and irresponsibility. Playboy at least upheld a kind of refinement — jazz music and all that. We’ve gone from Playboy to Maxim, from Hugh Hefner to Tucker Max.

Haha, we miss the days when Playboy was the worst smut you could find because it had jazz reviews?

For some reason I can’t yet figure out besides the obvious one (“it’s always the women’s fault”), conservatives who have latched onto this “man-babies are on the rise” thing relentlessly tie it in inverse proportion to women’s overall advancements. Stupid me, I thought one of the most important parts of conservatism is that individuals are responsible for themselves and for working hard and being self-reliant, and it’s we whining liberals who want someone else to fix our problems. Why do these so-called man-babies get a free pass and a bunch of concern from conservatives like Lowry?


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