Alienbot feminist conspiracy will make you watch terrible morning shows

10 Mar

Everybody has a book to sell these days!

Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker have a new one, something about the dark underbelly of Big Feminism for all you conspiracy-starved readers worried about deadbeat moms being forced to abandon their families by angry hairy snarling Nancy Pelosi clonebots …the kind of typical connected logic one would associate with them.

Which is why Venker is freaking out over at this wingnut journal about some writer lady:

The feminist elite, aka the women in the media, love to interview women who portray themselves as victims. On the “Today” show last week, Americans were introduced to Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, author of the memoir “Hiroshima in the Morning.” Published by The Feminist Press, it is the story of one woman’s journey toward “self-discovery” (“Eat, Pray, Love,” anyone?) after leaving her husband and two boys behind en route to Japan.

During the interview, the sympathy for Rizzuto was palpable. Never mind that this mother admitted on national television that she never wanted her children in the first place. To the feminist elite – the professors, lawyers, journalists, writers, judges, actresses, bureaucrats, psychologists and activists who use their platform to promote their leftist views – women like Rizzuto are victims.

That’s a massive army of “elite” conspirators out there using their wholly-owned platform of “media,” all the female professorslawyersjournalistsactressesblahblah out there? I think math would pretty much dictate that once your conspiracy involves several million people, it’s pretty much just, you know, not one. Unless you’re in Russia. What benefit does Venker get from implying that this is all some creepy feminist plot to take over your mind? Oh right, she’s writing for wingnuts who don’t understand English sentences unless they’re couched in some form of conspiratorial hyperbole framework.

Since wingnuts only understand the concept of being brainwashed, by aliens, instead of using rational thought, the concept of a “free market of ideas” ironically freaks them out. I assume if people didn’t like watching whatever this inevitably boring morning show was about, they would have switched back to the “Price is Right” rerun. Maybe they did. Venker didn’t look up the ratings. She’s operating on the assumption that everyone watching the show was duct-taped to their recliners with their eyelids forced open with toothpicks, the same you would have to do with any Fox News viewer to ingest actual information into their minds.

If she was any kind of a sport, she would have said, listen to this lady talk about her lame problems and then laugh at her because you in no way identify with her premise or standpoint. But NO IT’S THE CONSPIRACY , THE ALIEN SPIKY UTERUS PELOSIBOTS.

And anyway, Rizzuto came back from Japan and moved down the block and shares custody of her boys. It’s just another American Divorce Story.


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