Go yell at Mexico to support Juarez women activists receiving death threats

18 Mar

Go be a human being and help Amnesty International yell at the Mexican government to provide protection for two women activists, considering that people have been busy killing women activists lately in violence-plagued Chihuahua state.

In the early hours of 10 March, a large banner was hung at the school where Marisela Ortiz teaches, reading: “If you want to keep helping the bitch called Malu, fucking teacher Marisela Ortiz, we’re going to screw your family starting with your son Rowe, we have him on the list.”

Publicly displayed banners containing threats are frequently used by organized crime groups in Mexico. On 16 February, the home of Maria Luisa (Malu) García Andrade was damaged in an arson attack by unknown individuals.

Marisela Ortiz and Maria Luisa García Andrade are well known human rights defenders who founded Nuestras Hijas de Regreso a Casa (Our Daughters Return Home) to campaign for justice and an end to impunity for the abduction, rape and killing of women in Ciudad Juárez.

Basically this shit is like out of some horrible, insane Lars von Trier movie about how the entire world is a bag of writhing maggots and everything good within it is smothered to death, slowly. Actually, it’s worse than that because it’s real. Seriously, just yell at the Mexican government, and for god’s sake use more creative names than the unimaginative dipshits who made that threatening banner.



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