God hates Charlie Sheen’s copyright lawyers, ha

18 Mar

And here you thought God had abandoned earth entirely to be swallowed up in a nuclear cloud. Not yet! At least not for those of us who hate Charlie Sheen and find nothing sympathetic to relate to in his self-promotion blitz and outdated haircut.

A few people with a sense of humor made some of those design-your-own t-shirts on Zazzle that make fun of Charlie Sheen for being an asshole woman beater to the tune of “Unfollow Charlie” with a picture of a chick on it and donated the proceeds to an anti-sexual violence organization. Then Charlie’s zombie thug squad rose from their graves on schedule to complain about something like “intellectual property right infringement” because we all know Charlie has intellect, that’s his brand.

“According to Zazzle, use of the first name ‘Charlie’ was enough to be considered a violation of their content guidelines, specifically Sheen’s ‘rights of celebrity/publicity.’ But I counted over 18 examples of shirts on Zazzle that use either the words ‘Charlie’ or ‘Sheen.’ Things like ‘What Would Charlie Do,’ ‘Team Charlie,’ ‘I wanna be Charlie’s Intern,’ ‘Charlie’s Goddess,’ ‘Party with Charlie,’ etc.”

Baxter doesn’t plan to force the issue, and as far as we can tell, since Zazzle prints and ships the shirts, there’s nothing that can legally be done unless they (or Sheen’s FEA lawyers) change their mind. So, chalk yet another win up to the Charlie Sheen team — no more money to go to prevent violence against women if it hurts his good name!

BUT NOW HOORAY, according to the Village Voice blog:

Update: We’ve just heard from Michael Baxter that Zazzle just got in touch and will allow sales of the products as long as the title, description, and keywords don’t include “Charlie Sheen” (though that doesn’t seem to apply to other, pro-Sheen products).

So fuck them.

That said, this logo is weird and confusing. The girl in it has this kind of whole “fuck me from behind” pose going for her, plus: what the hell is she doing with her hand? Is she a warrior or something? “Unfollowing” Charlie Sheen is not really a warrior act, it’s actually kind of the laziest way of protesting his banal presence in public life. But…. eh, better than nothing.


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