Foreign policy expert Sarah Palin wonders what China is up to these days

19 Mar

Known policy wonk and military affairs expert Sarah Palin decided she was fed up with the waning excitement over her celebrity in America and went to fleece India for some cash. In exchange, she offered a conference room full of rapt Indian listeners some penetrating insight into how she wonders about what the Chinese are doing.

“I personally have huge military concerns about what is going on in China,” she said. ”What’s with the buildup? You don’t see a tangible outside threat . . . to that country. Is that just for a defensive posture? How can that be? Stockpiling ballistic missiles, submarines, new-age ultramodern fighter aircrafts. It certainly means America needs to be vigilant looking at what China is doing.”

Yeah, “what’s with” that? I bet Robert Gates wonders that exact same thing, in his head, with those same words.


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