GOP to women: it’s really Obama who hated you this whole time

25 Mar

The NRCC woke up one day (yesterday) and realized, the ladies may be starting to think that the Republican party is hostile to women’s health. How could they get such a terrible idea? How do we solve this…WE KNOW. Easy: write a BLOG POST in lots of bold and BOLD CAPS with some numbers in it magically asserting that it’s OBAMA who hates women’s health.

The post, because it’s magic, doesn’t heed basic rules of logical argument. Instead, they go the whole “throw out some sentences about how women like health care and it’s hard to get” route with their urgent bolded type. And even still, opening by quoting a report that says women like health and making decisions about health and reproductive care seems… ironic, right?

WOMEN ARE PRIMARY CONSUMERS, DECISION-MAKERS ON HEALTHCARE:“Women utilize more health care than men, in part because of their need for reproductive services. Females of all ages accounted for 60% of all expenses incurred at doctors’ offices in 2004.

“Women make approximately 80 percent of health care decisions for their families and are more likely to be the care givers when a family member falls ill.” (“General Facts on Women and Job Based Health,” U.S. Department of Labor, Accessed 3/23/2011)

Let’s see…. who out there provides lots of these “reproductive services” that women like to use so much… “SHHHH, don’t bring that up,” said the BLOG POST. “Quick, talk about something else.”

60 PERCENT OF WOMEN OPPOSE OBAMACARE, with only 35 percent in support. (CNN Opinion Research Poll, 3/23/2011)

It’s not hard to see why, given that the law is increasing premiums, reducing healthcare choices for women and families and generally reducing the quality of care.


They got this 60% figure from adding up the women who are opposed to the Affordable Care Act (38%) and the women who don’t feel it goes far enough (18%). So for anyone who bothers to click through on the reports they cite (no one), a reader can easily discover that while only 35% of women support “Obamacare” as is, a full 18% dislike it because they are complete commie hippies who want more Obamacare than Obamacare currently gives them. That means a 53% majority feels that health care costs in this country suck.

They don’t offer any NUMBERS to support the bold claim that the law itself is increasing premiums. Not fair, said the BLOG POST. We had percentages for that other thing, we hate math, no more math. The post only cites a WSJ article quoting those pillars of truth, health insurance companies, that blame the law for requested new rate hikes. (The Affordable Care Act enabled several states to reject insurance premium hikes as unjustified.) But hey, here’s something: you know what was really good at raising premiums? George Bush’s presidency! An independent Commonwealth Fund report found that premiums rose 41% for businesses and their employees from 2003 to 2009, and deductibles jumped 77%.

So, in sum, health insurance companies were doing a good job of raising insurance premiums on their own. Which we all knew, and why am I saying any of this, but remember, the NRCC would like to point out that OBAMACARE HATES WOMEN because (as in, caused by) health insurance companies are better than Satan at stealing your soul and your dignity and telling you to go fuck off and die since your premium check was mailed in two days late. So now please quietly ignore how much effort the GOP is putting into the actual businesses of hating women’s healthcare.

And if you still aren’t scared, the NRCC would just like to remind you about class warfare, women vs. the anonymous millions of uninsured poor edition:

Women will also be facing another problem: finding a doctor. ObamaCare is worsening the nation’s shortage of doctors, increasing wait times and decreasing the quality of care as a result:

OBAMACARE TO WORSEN DOCTOR SHORTAGE BY 50 PERCENT: The U.S. healthcare reform law will worsen a shortage of physicians as millions of newly insured patients seek care, the Association of American Medical Colleges said on Thursday.

BOLD CAPS BOLD CAPS: Women (or just people?) will have a hard time finding a doctor now that all those unwashed slobs will be looking for a doctor, too. We need to make sure those people have no chance to seek medical help if we don’t want to have to stand in long, commie health care lines letting the poor breathe on us.

It’s kind of the entire Republican social philosophy in a nutshell, isn’t it? “If you try to help others, they’ll just screw you.” It’s in the Gospels, etc.





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