Nebraska opts for pro-death position on illegal immigrant babies

28 Mar

Nebraska has developed a new plan for getting rid of “anchor babies.” Kill them!

The Lincoln Journal Star reports that a year ago, the state got rid of Medicaid prenatal care funding for 1,600 low-income women, about half of whom are undocumented. Doctors and health clinic administrators say that at least five babies have died as a result.


“Our position is that we shouldn’t be spending any money for people who are here illegally,” [state Medicaid director Vivianne Chaumont] said.

These guys have it figured out: you pay illegal workers below-market wages for doing shitty jobs with no benefits, and then double save under the banner of utter moral bankruptcy when even the lame state Medicaid doesn’t take care of these working people. This sounds like a double Koch brothers jizzum-fest fantasy bondage dungeon orgy. Next up in budget cuts: Scott Walker declares all people who make less than $40k a year to be “illegals.”




[Lincoln Journal Star via Think Progress]


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