Anti-choice trolls would like you to have more pro-choice babies

29 Mar

This is confusing. I thought the evangelical nutwads hated our dear old Hopey.

Nope, they’re worried you’re aborting another socialist babykiller liberal community organizer antichrist, every 21 minutes.

OR they’ve made yet another gross miscalculation following the Soho billboard and the citizens of Chicago will just be like, who the fuck are you bizarre racist people who vote for politicians who hate the poor and minorities and women and then come tell us to spawn a person who is basically the nemesis of everyone else you vote for. SURE. And then forget about them, because that sentence is already too long.



One Response to “Anti-choice trolls would like you to have more pro-choice babies”


  1. Chicagoans tired of anti-choice billboards, cover them up « pukingponies - April 4, 2011

    […] Apr In Chicago, residents are already sick of the idiotic anti-choice billboards featuring Obama as “your next possible aborted leader,” because time travel. So, like […]

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