Is Wal-Mart responsible if the locals are sexist morons?

29 Mar


A nice little envelope marked “Wal-Mart hates lady employees” made it over to the Supreme Court fanmail box today, ten years after it was mailed because that’s how good U.S. public institutions are these days. What’s at stake? The Supreme Court will debate whether Wal-Mart actually hates ALL lady employees or just SOME lady employees, and only if it’s HATES ALL LADIES will someone get to open the envelope at all. If just SOME ladies, then Justice Scalia will take the envelope home and wipe his ass with it and wash it off with his tongue and keep reusing it until hell finally swallows him.

Which, gross, it looks like he may get to do. This class action lawsuit started in San Francisco, the spiritual home of libtards everywhere, and it was certified as a class action by the Ninth Circuit, which is known as sort of a libtard Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court, however, has decidedly gotten less and less libtard these last few decades and has not been super friendly to class action lawsuits lately.

I applaud the seven firms (3 of which are nonprofit) working on this case together for a decade, because what’s obvious is that Wal-Mart is a shit place for women to work and seek career advancement and no matter what, they are drawing attention to that fact. According to the case evidence:

Even though [Wal-Mart’s] own data shows that its female employees are, on average, better performers and more experienced than their male counterparts, women’s pay lags far behind that of male employees in every major job in each of the company’s 41 regions. Women at Wal‐ Mart also face a classic glass ceiling – while women comprise more than 80 percent of hourly supervisors, they hold only one‐third of store management jobs and their ranks steadily diminish at each successive step in the management hierarchy.

Wal-Mart sucks.


So here we get a familiar cabal of angry lefty people who hate evil Wal-Mart trying to tell an increasingly conservative Supreme Court that EVERY SINGLE one of Wal-Mart’s 1.5 million female employees was the victim of Wal-Mart’s systemic sex discrimination culture.

Since Wal-Mart’s policy gives local store managers a lot of autonomy in pay and promotion decisions, it seems to this inconsequential ladyblogger (as an armchair civil rights litigator) that it will be hard to argue that a corporate culture or policy encouraged sex discrimination among its managers. Corporate policy seems only to be in favor of hiring morons to manage local stores, and sex discrimination towards female employees is a secondary effect of that moron-recruitment policy. In other words, the proper culprit here is the systemic sex discrimination culture of American society, being stupid and sexist as we know and love it.

From the Slate article on the case:

The plaintiffs have gathered declarations by 120 women who say that they were victims of sex discrimination at Wal-Mart. And they’ve enlisted sociologist William Bielby, who claims that because Wal-Mart gives local store managers discretion to use subjective criteria such as “teamwork, ethics, integrity, and the ability to get along with others” in evaluating employees for raises and promotions, its decisions are especially vulnerable to the influence of sexism and sex stereotypes.

Right. Giving discretion to local rednecks (always a good plan) to use their subjective criteria is not an indictment of Wal-Mart as agent of sex discrimination. It’s an indictment of the people they hire, the actual agents of discrimination. Has Wal-Mart been negligible in making sure the morons they hire don’t constantly violate the Civil Rights Act with their day-to-day decisions regarding all female employees? I suppose that’s the question you want to answer in the affirmative if the class action is to move forward to trial.

It’s easy to hate on Wal-Mart (and I frequently do) because it’s so loathsome in so many other ways and it’s one of the certified Big Evil Corporations Ruining Everything. But guess what — a new survey from job-finding website CareerBuilder shows that an increasing number of American women (38%) report a perception of pay disparity and lack of career advancement opportunity compared with their male colleagues. So female Wal-Mart employees aren’t alone in having to cope with dickweed sexist local managers. And that’s American society’s fault for putting more of our money into bombs than education and worshipping the dead ghost of Ronald Reagan, not Wal-Mart’s.


[Wal-Mart Class Action Website]



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