Men just total wimps about being sexually harassed

30 Mar

A new study from Michigan State University of personnel from the Armed Forces finds that men are more distressed by sexual harassment than women, who are used to dealing with it basically from age 9 upwards.

For women, sexual harassment was distressing when they saw it as frightening, but not when they saw it as bothersome. “We were surprised by this finding,” Settles said. “We thought women would be negatively impacted if they saw their harassment as frightening or bothersome.”

For men, sexual harassment was distressing when they saw it as either frightening or bothersome, she said.

“People tend to underestimate the impact of sexual harassment on men,” Settles said. She added that men “typically haven’t had a lifetime of experiences dealing with sexual harassment and may not know how to deal with it when it happens to them.”

Come on, guys, they’re just saying that they think you’re attractive. It’s a compliment! What’s your problem? Quit being so sensitive. Just imagine the day when they don’t cat call you anymore, think what that’s going to mean. What do you mean he stuck his tongue out at you? That’s kind of lewd, but come on, it already happened and you don’t need to be so upset. Yeah I mean, it’s just of a fact of life, you aren’t going to be able to stop them. What are you going to do, yell at every single one of them? Now you’re starting to come across as kind of bitter. You’re wearing kind of a tight shirt anyway. This isn’t a great place to wear a tight shirt. You need to toughen up. It’s not like he actually did anything to you. He’s just an asshole, brush it off, brush it off.



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