Yale and Wal-Mart are America, reunited

2 Apr

The “Sexual Harassment Ivy” (Yale) found out that its Vatican-style sexual assault investigation techniques are not cutting it for its students these days:

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights confirmed Friday that it has begun investigating the school. The office gets about 7,000 [sexual harassment] complaints per year and investigates about one-third of them.

So what gives, America? Now the playgrounds of your liberal elite Arugula Latte spawn are full of sexual harasser demons, too? I thought this was one of those “only happens at Wal-Mart” kinds of problems. It’s like we’re all sort of on the same page again for once! It feels good. Institutional indifference to hostility towards women can totally be America’s new cross-class social unifier “thing,” like World War II. Rich or poor, women are horrible and deserve to be yelled at. Get some fireworks!

Maybe, said Yale as it shook its fistfuls of money, but our students use bigger words and go on to better jobs post-harassing than “Wal-Mart assistant manager,” so can you please leave us alone?

Except the big words part.

The students [who filed the complaint] cite incidents in which fraternities held up a sign “We love Yale sluts” outside a women’s center and chanted “no means yes” on campus last fall.

So Yale students do not really learn to use any words with more than five letters (four if you don’t count “sluts” just for being plural). Kind of like your stereotypical Wal-Mart store manager.

Well, crabby liberals, at least we know that while the wage gap may be increasing horribly, the stupidity gap is still contained well within a healthy democratic range across all of America’s infected, depressing retail centers and elite educational institutions. That’s something.


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