Chicagoans tired of anti-choice billboards, cover them up

4 Apr

In Chicago, residents are already sick of the idiotic anti-choice billboards featuring Obama as “your next possible aborted leader,” because time travel. So, like decent people who don’t enjoy being racially profiled by a bunch of lunatic Texan anti-choice boogers on their way to the supermarket each day, a group of residents dropped some banners over the billboards and emailed the Chicago Tribune to claim responsibility for them, which was smart because hey, the Tribune wrote about it. These are your “new counter-terrorism strategies.”

Chicago Tribune photo

One banner says: “In 21 minutes this sign should be gone.” A second banner, which dangled from the billboard Sunday after being blown by the wind, says, “Abort Racism.”

A group described as “social workers and community members,” who did not want their names used, claimed responsibility for the act in a statement emailed to the Tribune. The group said the ads were disrespectful and did not represent the views of the community and that “it wanted to replace the negative, condemning message with a positive one.”




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