Texas just wants some fairness for homophobe college kids

4 Apr

The Texas legislature would like just a little fairness on state university campuses, hm? Come on, who hates fairness? Texas is worried that homophobe students aren’t getting their fair share of support on campus, and that’s not fair to those students.

From RH Reality Check:

The Texas House late last night (Friday April 1, 2011) passed one of the more hilariously leotarded amendments in this year’s budget session. The amendment belongs to Representative Wayne Christian (R-Center) and would require a university that has a “gender and sexuality center” to equally fund a center that teaches, ahem, “traditional values.” The bill passed 110-24.

A “traditional values” center, for fairness. Traditionally, these are just known as “churches.” But the state can’t really pay to put one of those on campus. Next best thing!

A “gender and sexuality center” is probably going to promote responsible safe sex, provide support for sexual assault victims, education about sexual harassment, and resources for gay and queer students — things like that to basically provide information.

So what does the fairness opposite equivalent center student patron want to know about?

  • “I’d like some information about how to harass the faggy kid in the next dorm room. Do you have a pamphlet for that?”
  • “Do you have any resources on how a straight guy can avoid any positions that gay people might use during sex?”
  • “Is there maybe a sample list of insults I can shout at the gay dude from my English class who I am attracted to so he knows I’m not attracted to him?”
  • “How do I get rid of my chlamydia infection? Is there a prayer circle for that?”
  • “My boyfriend slapped me because I was wearing a slutty skirt. How long does the skirt have to be so it’s not slutty?”
  • “How do I convince my girlfriend that it’s not fair if she doesn’t want to have sex and I do and so we don’t have sex? We have to include both options to be fair.”

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