Nearly half of Americans finally realize the GOP is full of lunatics

12 Apr

Hey, I wonder how the GOP strategy of “kill women and poors” is working out for them lately? It’s the kind of strategy most Americans can agree on, right?

From Talking Points Memo:

The [PPP] poll also found that a plurality of voters (48%) now say the Republican party is “extremist,” while 40% say the party is mainstream. The numbers were almost flipped on the Democratic side, with 46% viewing the party as mainstream, and 39% viewing it as extremist.

Further, in a generic ballot question, Democrats came out on top 46%-41%. That’s a sharp reversal from last year when, in the days before the midterm elections, Republicans held up to double-digit leads in generic ballot tests.

Shit. The whole “appeal to the most lunatic fringe of your base” thing appears to have convinced almost half of America that the Republicans themselves are also lunatics. Why would anyone make that connection? It’s just a game!

Just look how much fun the “elite media” are having asking rhetorical questions about whether Donald Trump is serious or just playing Ignatius with a bit of cynical Murdoch-style pandering and manipulation. Come on, America, even the lamestream media can figure out that your neighborhood cartoon GOP troll is just out there spewing psychobabble to win over the Stupids. Play along.

And yet, maybe somewhere along the way the peaceful dream of doing absolutely nothing on your domestic policy list that you say you will besides lowering taxes (everybody loves that!) stopped working out so well for the GOP, and America started to kind of realize the Republicans were actually going to be serious this time about trying to dismantle every public social support system ever created.

Who could have imagined that might backfire?

Planned Parenthood’s Facebook fans surged 992 percent after the House approved the budget amendment to defund the group in mid-February. More than 810,000 supporters signed its petition denouncing the amendment — more than half of them new users who had never been active with Planned Parenthood prior to the budget debate. The social media activity also drove Planned Parenthood’s surge in online donations.

Double shit! Of course, even people who tacitly support a cause come to its defense when it is existentially threatened.

We can only hope the GOP continues its self-destructive death march “in the name of angry overtaxed Jesus” to try to destroy unions, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, Planned Parenthood, food stamps, and the environment. Then perhaps the millions of middle-class and struggling Americans who were “tacitly supporting” their own existence will recognize the threat to their own human dignity and economic security now that – hey, math – another $127-a-year tax cut is not going to make up the difference on the $127-per-month rise in health care premiums.


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