“Changing Room Rage,” trauma and sacred space

18 Apr

The bright, brave world of tomorrow that we inhabit has just now unearthed an important new vaguely alliterative syndrome: Changing Room Rage, or “CRR” for the serious.

Cramped, cluttered and exposed fitting rooms can make trying on clothes such a traumatic experience that it manifests itself in feelings of anger, disappointment and bouts of bad temper.

Do you feel better now just knowing there’s a name for this trauma? It is trauma. Do you breathe a sigh of relief, now that you know you aren’t alone in wanting to kill and dismember all those bitchy unwashed hypocrites clutching 12-garment stacks when there’s a clear 6-garment limit sign posted in front of you as you stand in line to try on clothes? And then you find she left like half of them in the changing room anyway (God, what awful taste and no way those fit her)? That makes you and 75% of “all women” who want to set fire to one another for clothes shopping at the same time.

Adult behaviour psychologist Susan Quilliam said: “Beautiful clothes will always make a woman feel more beautiful and therefore more positive about her appearance, more confident in herself and more optimistic in general.

“But if the shopping experience itself is negative, the whole event can be utterly destructive.

“Instead of boosting our self-esteem, it saps it; instead of making us feel good about ourselves and our lives, it brings up frustration, irritation and anger.”

How dare shopping make us feel bad!

Don’t retailers know that if we can’t shop to boost our self-esteem, then it’s not really called “shopping?” It’s called “spending money we don’t have on things to ease the edges on the massive gaping void of existence fueled by frustration, bitterness and a lifetime of disappointment only to discover that those things we purchase do nothing to help us escape.” AND THAT IS NOT PART OF THE DEAL.

The changing room is a sacred space. Retailers, you just pooped in the baptismal font.


One Response to ““Changing Room Rage,” trauma and sacred space”

  1. JEC April 18, 2011 at 11:29 am #

    This is why I have a shopper. The very idea of having to carry my own clothes into a dressing room, let alone waiting for a room to be available. The very idea.

    I wasn’t kidding, by the way. Men get pissed off when shopping, too. It’s a thing. So I pay someone to do it for me, and I am much happier.

    The very idea.

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