Women: ambivalent about tomatoes, medical diagnoses

18 Apr

Monday morning! Ladies, what have we learned about you today already?

This: you don’t fucking know about tomatoes.

British researchers asked 113 people to look at 50 objects and say if they fit into categories – either fully, partially, or not at all. One example is participants were asked: Is tomato a fruit?

The Researchers at the University of Warwick found women were 23% more likely to assign an object to the “partial” category than men. In the case of the tomato, men were more likely to say it was or was not a fruit, while women would say a tomato can “sort of” be a fruit.

Women: afraid of being wrong, good at hedging.

So what is the obvious conclusion to draw from this study about tomatoes and everyone’s lack of knowledge about them?

Easy! Get a man doctor when you want someone to make a decision, any decision at all, something like, “we need to remove the testicles!” Get a lady doctor when you want someone to start a roundtable internet forum about the possible different sets of reasons why you are puking what look like chunks of black glass. And this is always true, because medical schools usually teach men and women to doctor in completely different ways, for variety.

“For instance, male doctors may be more likely to quickly and confidently diagnose a set of symptoms as a disease. Although this brings great advantages in treating diseases early, it obviously has massive disadvantages if the diagnosis is actually wrong. In many cases, a more open approach to categorizing or diagnosing would be more effective,” the researchers said.

See, these studies really do have important real-life applications.


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