Women have more degrees, blah blah, this is about men

27 Apr
Alriiiight. I’m back from deep space.

And just in time for this major news alert: for the first time, women are now earning more advanced degrees than men in America.

Since the people who are paid to be insane about women’s advancement are still in their caves still busily formulating some kind of terror apocalypse bubonic plague death star to fling at society for ever allowing this to happen, let’s just bask in the quiet good news for a moment. Can we?

Even the conservative American Enterprise Institute scholar Mark Perry was all like, hey, that’s cool:
The degree gap in favor of women is now being reflected in a wage gap in favor of single female workers in their 20s, who now earn 8 percent more than their male counterparts in America’s large cities. With such a huge and growing majority of advanced degrees going to women, their job prospects and future advancement to managerial and leadership positions look very bright.
Great news.

But, whoops, haven’t we forgotten something here? AP reporter Hope Yen hasn’t. From the third graf:
The educational gains for women are giving them greater access to a wider range of jobs, contributing to a shift of traditional gender roles at home and work. Based on one demographer’s estimate, the number of stay-at-home dads who are the primary caregivers for their children reached nearly 2 million last year, or one in 15 fathers.
Oh, right. What baseline news story about women’s educational advancement would be complete without an immediate discussion of how it affects men? Who needs to profile a woman with an advanced degree for an article about women getting more advanced degrees when you can profile a stay-at-home dad? I have just summed up the AP article for you now.

“Does this mean men will have to stay home with the kids?” is the important question even though less than a third of American families even have any full-time stay-at-home parents. But because this is about women’s advancement, math dictates that if women do well, Jesus says men are forced to eat dildos for every meal. That is what we should talk about.


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