Dating site for virgins will offer “3D chat service” and virtual “Virgin Parks”

28 Apr

If I listen carefully, I think I can hear the sound of 20,000 wrinkled chat room goblins fapping themselves to death creating fake profiles. From PRNewswire: is a place where virgin singles can meet other virgin singles online., the sister website, caters to virgin and non-virgin (or “born-again virgin”) singles who are abstaining until marriage. The sites not only provide a safe environment for abstainers to meet one another, they also invite others to abstain from sex until marriage. Its Second Life virtual reality site hosts 11 Abstinence Parks and five Virgin Parks, with 3D chat service open only to Silver and Platinum members.

3D chat service! Virtual “parks” teeming with virgins! I don’t know what this means, but the fapping sound just grew more furious.

[Site founders] the Colins are often asked how they know if the sites’ members are truly virgins. “We screen all our applicants,” said Jose. “We do a basic background check. If we find someone is not truthful, there’s a good chance they are not being truthful about their virginity as well.”



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