Sanity and hypocrisy: Planned Parenthood Indiana funding

16 May

Since most of the insane, cruel people in this country are either politicians or people who lobby politicians for legislation that negatively and needlessly impacts their fellow human beings for no particular reason whatsoever except “Jesus wanted it that way for poor people,” it’s not surprising to hear that sane and compassionate ordinary citizens from 36 states across the country have put up donations to Planned Parenthood Indiana to allow it to serve Medicaid patients for another week. Unlike Gov. Mitch Daniels and his “he’s the least horrible option” possible GOP presidential bid, some Americans would not like to see thousands of Indiana women denied preventive medical care.

Incidentally, did you know that the Indiana law stripping Medicaid funding from Planned Parenthood only applies to clinics? Hospitals that perform abortions will still receive Medicaid funding as normal. If the GOP were as committed as they say they are to fake “stopping abortions” by cutting off all funding to anyone at all who provides (safe, legal) abortions, then logically they’d also be required to cut Medicaid funding to hospitals that perform them as well. I imagine they sensed, however, that turning out a bunch of sick people at hospitals onto the street wouldn’t go over well when it came time to enforce the law.

A bunch of women, on the other hand…



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