Yale frat boys “bitch slapped”

18 May

Bad news for frat boys with no judgment skills! Elitist asshole university Yale announced it is punishing the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity and its moron pledge chanters of “No means yes! And yes means anal!” fame by suspending them from campus activities for five years. It was totally a joke, they said with a pouty face.

Doug Lanpher, executive director of international DKE office, said he was surprised and disappointed Yale made the announcement because he thought the negotiations were confidential.

“We know it was in poor taste,” Lanpher said of the incident. “We don’t advocate what they said. We believe that the chapter’s behavior has changed.”

Meh. Take one for the team, DKE. Sexual misconduct goes basically unpunished most of the time because so many cases are impossible to prove, so think of this as some of the crappy bad karma hanging over all of those other harassers’ falling onto your heads. Is that fair? Maybe not, since your own stupidity seems like a lot of punishment right there on its own. But then again, is it fair I have to weather a period every month and you don’t? No. Live with it.


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