Rolling Thunder Rally did not actually invite Sarah Palin

28 May

Remember how during her governorship Sarah Palin could never successfully tell anyone where she was going to be at any given time? That’s still happening! In Sarah Palin’s imaginary snowbilly iceverse, she can show up any time, anywhere and the troops will demand she bestow Her Words upon them as their Fairy Grifter Queen. Except that no, that is not how things work. Whoops! Palin’s schedulers (Piper Palin with Magic Markers) decided to start her touring field trip at the Rolling Thunder rally to support troops and veteran’s issues and then forgot to actually call the Rolling Thunder rally people, who are predictably annoyed she is trying to co-opt their event.

“It is a big distraction because my phone’s been ringing off the hook ever since she did that,” says Rolling Thunder spokesman Ted Shpak. “We’re not political. This is not a political event. We don’t want — you know, maybe she’s coming because she knows we have a half a million people in town and thinking she can start her — you know, it’s just the way it came out, she was saying we endorsed her. We’re not endorsing anybody, and she’s not speaking on our stage.”

Poor Sarah Palin, she just wanted to go to your nice rally for one minute so she could say all these people showed up to see her. Is that so much to ask?


[Crooks and Liars / Mediaite]


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