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Playboy TV: Women now should watch, not just star in our shows

18 Jan

This weekend Playboy TV launched its new block of soft-core programming for couples, “TV for 2.” Almost 30 years after its launch, the subscription adult entertainment channel got sick of losing money and decided it finally wants to “invite women to the party” by throwing some crappy reality teevee shows about annoying relationships at us.

What inspired Playboy TV to make this move?

The success of “Sex and the City” was one development that made Playboy realize women could be attracted to sexy programming, as long as it was made with them in mind, [Senior VP Gary Rosenson] said.

That’s true, women do love to masturbate to “Sex and the City” re-runs. Sexy relationship drama is the heart of every woman’s sexual fantasy. But it’s hard to keep the boyfriend in the room for those re-runs. Will our boyfriends watch sexy relationship dramas with us finally?

[Culture trend analyst Sharon Lee] conducted target groups of men, most of whom had stories of being caught checking out Internet porn by their wives or girlfriends. What they really wanted, she said, was more intimacy with their partners.


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