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Dinner checks and sex math

23 Mar

Meanwhile as education costs rise, researchers are working ever harder to justify their paychecks. Just look at this new study from St. Andrew’s University: women plus dinner checks still equals whether or not you are getting laid tonight.

WOMEN are more likely to pay their way if a date is ugly, a study has found.

But good-looking women are most likely to sit back and let the male pay.


So, guys, if she doesn’t offer to split the check, you can pretty much assume she’s not bothered by being on the hook to you for some …favors, later on. Depends on how much cash you, ahem, blew. If she wants to go dutch, she’s buying back from you your right to expect sex. Or she’s just ugly and wants to apologize for taking up your time by compensating you with her part of the meal. Long story short: if she pay, no lay.

Why is this even a study? Everybody already knew this.