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William McGurn on stopping abortions: We haven’t tried clapping

18 Jan

Everyone else in America right now is mostly worried about whether or not Ricky Gervais went too far at the Golden Globes or whether a 31-ounce coffee will make you puke, but not the WSJ‘s William McGurn. He’s worrying about The Children.

So, ALERT TIME: 41% of women in New York City are killing their babies according to some report by an anti-choice Christian non-profit based in New York City. McGurn has a brilliant solution to this problem:

We all know people whose absolutism on a woman’s legal right to choose does not prevent them from celebrating and supporting a pregnant woman within their midst who announces she is going to have a baby. So put aside Roe for a minute. And ask yourself this: What kind of America might we have if all pregnant women—especially black and Hispanic women who are disproportionately aborting—could feel from society that same welcome and encouragement?

Holy shit we didn’t think of this one before. Women need applause and a hug. That will get them to quit killing babies. Women are notoriously susceptible to the low self-esteem virus, so let’s make pregnancy feel popular and cool again. And what about a hug for the baby daddy, hm?