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Facebook democracy still declares “Justin Bieber is gay” more cool than “Justin Bieber is pro-life”

18 Feb

Some of my readers (all three of you) have reflected that I discuss abortion a bit too much in this space, and perhaps there are other topics within the scope of human experience worth my attention. Fair point.

But I can’t resist this. No one can. I won’t get all Revelation-ending on you and declare Bieber’s career ruined by his incoherent conservative anti-abortion comments and the inevitable three-news-cycle-long backlash that continues to brew. It isn’t ruined, no one really cares, except this one Connecticut congressman. Literally no one will remember this teenager existed in 4-6 years when signed copies of his albums start appearing in Rio flea markets. He will soon look old and have a goatee and be dumped, like Leif Garrett.

Yet here we are today.

LifeNews needs us to know how much they not only love Justin Bieber, but they know how he personally has been affected by abortion:

Justin’s friends have lost brothers and sisters to abortion — loved ones who should have been there growing up with them and experiencing all life has to offer — had their lives not been snuffed out for convenience.

Imagine a world full of Beeb clones, stalking you with their why-haven’t-they-dropped-yet voices and haranguing you with Usher’s latest awesome saying. “You look so dope with that hat on sideways. Nobody wears it like that. Don’t ever change.”

LifeNews loves this idea so much, they started a Facebook page.

I Love Justin Bieber’s Pro Life Views” has gotten 978 people to “like” it so far. But sadly, it is still 74,389 people behind Facebook group “No wonder Justin Bieber’s so pale, there’s no sun in the closet.”

Empowerment is your condom against low self-esteem

7 Feb

The more time adolescent girls spend in front of Facebook, the more their chances of developing a negative body image and various eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia and exaggerated dieting. This has been shown in a new study from the University of Haifa.

So says a new study from the Academy of “Facebook is ruining everyone’s lives” scholarship.

This is kind of a boring study actually that just announces all the well-trodden conclusions that go roughly like this: skinny people on the internets and teevee = eating disorders in young women.

What the hell, young women? You sound pretty fragile these days. Even looking at pictures of drunken parties posted to Facebook undermines your body image and self esteem. You need some empowerment.

Girls whose parents were involved in their media usage; who knew what they were viewing and reading and where they were surfing on the web; who watched, surfed or read along with them; and who conducted cooperative and critical discussions with their daughters about the content of their surfing habits, showed more personal empowerment, forming a protective shield against eating disorders.

So empowerment is a protective shield. Empowerment is like a condom preventing low self esteem. Empowerment is the great line of defense against that world out there assaulting young women. Parents, empower your daughters. Nothing else will protect your daughters from themselves.