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Hollywood’s latest trend: promiscuous women are empty people

22 Jan

Before I get to the Roe v. Wade anniversary, here’s a fun little note from the WSJ blog observing the latest trend in Hollywood: young women in movies who are miserable when they have lots of no-strings-attached sex:

Such characters aren’t likely to become feminist icons. Their interest in commitment-free sex typically is fueled  by deep-seated emotional problems (see the 1977 film “Looking for Mr. Goodbar’)–or even potentially fatal medical issues. In “Love and Other Drugs,” [Anne] Hathaway’s character keeps men at arm’s length in part because she has Parkinson’s disease.

Holy shit, that’s some pretty rough stuff. I guess Hollywood is finally getting around to portraying real, complex human problems.

Well, I will do my part too as a woman and learn from this. I resolve to be nicer to guys using bad lines to try to get laid if the reason they’re using those horrible fucking lines is because they’re dying. Or have crippling emotional problems. That’s what the problem was the whole time? I feel kind of bad for hating on those guys so much.


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