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Sanity and hypocrisy: Planned Parenthood Indiana funding

16 May

Since most of the insane, cruel people in this country are either politicians or people who lobby politicians for legislation that negatively and needlessly impacts their fellow human beings for no particular reason whatsoever except “Jesus wanted it that way for poor people,” it’s not surprising to hear that sane and compassionate ordinary citizens from 36 states across the country have put up donations to Planned Parenthood Indiana to allow it to serve Medicaid patients for another week. Unlike Gov. Mitch Daniels and his “he’s the least horrible option” possible GOP presidential bid, some Americans would not like to see thousands of Indiana women denied preventive medical care.

Incidentally, did you know that the Indiana law stripping Medicaid funding from Planned Parenthood only applies to clinics? Hospitals that perform abortions will still receive Medicaid funding as normal. If the GOP were as committed as they say they are to fake “stopping abortions” by cutting off all funding to anyone at all who provides (safe, legal) abortions, then logically they’d also be required to cut Medicaid funding to hospitals that perform them as well. I imagine they sensed, however, that turning out a bunch of sick people at hospitals onto the street wouldn’t go over well when it came time to enforce the law.

A bunch of women, on the other hand…



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Gov. Daniels signs law offering to kill women for spot in GOP primary

11 May

A federal judge has refused to issue a temporary restraining order against the new Indiana law signed yesterday by Gov. Mitch Daniels that defunds the state’s Planned Parenthood clinics, meaning that the bill takes effect immediately. The ACLU will now seek an injunction, with a hearing set for June 6th.

From the AP story:

“Family planning dollars fund preventive health services that are critical to low-income and vulnerable women and their families,” [ACLU of Indiana Legal Director Ken] Falk said. “It is unlawful, unnecessary and cruel to deny these populations health services that they desperately need.”

Idiotically, this law that will hurt thousands of women in Indiana by decreasing access to birth control, pap smears, breast exams and STI testing is nothing more than a playing card in Daniels’s possible presidential run.

It’s 2011. Women’s health is still somehow a playing piece in the pathetic, destructive gamesmanship of our national political landscape. Health, for women. Women’s health. Women, the people who are half of everyone you know, women women women women women womOH GOD JUST NOT THE OIL SUBSIDIES.

Repeat this over and over to yourself: the GOP would like to see women dead of preventable cancer and unsafe abortions. The GOP will actually kill women to get into office. We don’t need women! We just fuck little boys in Denny’s restrooms! The GOP is the party of death. The GOP wants death for you. They want you dead, so they can grind up your bodies and sell it at discount rates to Charles Koch so he can make it into popsicles he feeds to his dogs.

Indiana comes up with least creative way yet to destroy Planned Parenthood

27 Apr

Indiana! O Indiana. They figured it out: if you can’t get the federal government to refuse to give out money to Planned Parenthood, just refuse to take it. This was so easy!

The Indiana House is expected to vote as soon as today to cut off the $3 million in federal money the state distributes to the organization for family planning and health programs. The Senate approved the measure earlier this month.

Duh! No points for difficulty here, though. Neighboring Ohio wheeled in a freaking fetus to testify. Creativity, hmmm?

Indiana, if you weren’t governed by groups of marauding hillbillies, you would have figured out how to misappropriate these funds instead of just outright turning them down. There are thousands of free jet skis and pontoon boats you just missed out on. Now you will just have to settle for dragging the corpses of the poor women you kill behind your lame ’98 four-wheelers instead. But the lakes just thawed!

You were supposed to build some private “clinics” where some of those unemployed anti-choice goblins could shoot stale Republican semen into hoo-has with Super Soakers and give out birth control packs filled with Skittles, then direct the money over there in the form of state contracts. Everyone on the clinic board gets a free jet ski! Now that would have made sense. You guys learned fucking nothing from the Iraq War.